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Coryn Mifsud  is our Payroll person from JCISD
you can contact her at 517-768-5184 or  coryn.mifsud@jcisd.org
You log into this site with the first initial of your first name, followed by your last name - example:  ctalbot

The first time you logged in, you used the last four digits of your social security number.  You or

the payroll department may have changed this for you.

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This is to inform all employees that unless you have previously received a layoff notice, the Springport Public School District provides you, in good faith, the reasonable assurance that you will return to work in the same or similar position  at the completion of break periods.  Your return to work validates your reasonable assurance.

Michigan employment Security Agency regulations prohibits you receiving unemployment benefits from a school district during breaks or a school year when you have a "reasonable assurance" of employment at the end of the break periods.


Allegiance Employee Assistance Program Available    PATHWAYS

 Allegiance Health would like to remind Springport Schools employee's that if you need professional help with problems which may affect personal well-being or job performance, their Employee Assistance Program may be a great place to get you started on the right help -- and it's free!

The Allegiance Employee Assistance Program is designed to provide short-term assistance and direction.  Examples of when it can be used might include: 

     Psychological and emotional difficulties; Marital conflicts; Job Stress; Substance Abuse Problems; Anger Management

Springport Schools employees receive --at no charge-- up to six sessions per problem, per year.  If a referral is made to another resource for continued assistance, individuals will be responsible for any cost that may not be part of their benefit coverage.  Questions?  Contact the district office  by phone or email. Pathways read more about the program.

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(Drug Free Work Place, Information on Toxic Hazards, Non-Discrimination)
pink arrow RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES FMLA   (For questions see Central Office, FMLA is subject to change according to State Laws)


Office of Retirement Services

This link is used to access all your retirement information:

and then search under Public School Employees Retirement System  


gavel Reminder of Criminal Records

Recent laws passed require you to self report yourself when you have been arraigned/charged with a crime.  Failure to do so within 3 business days will make you guilty of an additional crime.

Changes with the State of Michigan have created the necessity of the following link.  Please check it out before you begin working on your next re-certification.