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    Springport Spartans
    We are the team of loyalty, LOYALTY!
    We've not only got the coach we've not only got the team
    we've got the pep we've got the energy and steam,
    so fight, Spartans fight, rah rah rah fight for the victory, VICTORY!
    So lets FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT for BLUE and WHITE
    We're the Springport Spartans

    Alma Mater
     The Fields of gold,the blue country sky,
    The halls of joy and sorrow;
    These are the things that forever will live memories
    of our tomorrow, long may we cherish,
    whatever we do, the BLUE and WHITE spirit
    and the friends that we knew, and reserve in our minds
    and smile and a sigh for the days
    that we shared at Springport High.