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Golden Apple Award: Employee Recognition Program


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Doreen Woods

Veronica Cockroft

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Judy Kingsley

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Jill Cline

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Lorna Gonzalez

Fran Kenton

Mannes Todd Overweg

Carolyn Hisler 



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        Katie Konkel




In order to recognize employees of the Springport  Public School District for outstanding performance, the following program has been adopted:

“Golden Apple” awards will be presented to employees each year under the following conditions:

1. Awards will be presented to employees whose behavior over a period of time, or during a specific brief episode is significantly above and beyond
that which is expected.

2. Employees must have completed at least three years of service with the Springport Public Schools to qualify. Under extraordinary circumstances,
the three years of service criteria may be waived to recognize a specific, brief episode of outstanding performance.

3. Eligible employees may be nominated by a fellow staff member, administrative staff member, or any member of the community.

4. A selection committee consisting of the administrative team shall meet to review the nominees and make the selections.

5. The recipients will be recognized at the regular Board of Education meeting and presented with the “Golden Apple”.

6. Recipients will receive a letter of commendation from the superintendent of schools and a copy of the commendation letter will be place in that employee’s file.