Springport Public Schools

A Proud Tradition, A Promising Future

Springport Schools, and the State of Michigan, like to provide parents with as much
information as they can to help them be successful, and to keep their children safe.
Following are sites which may be of interest to you.  Please feel free to contact us for
more information at any time.
                        BOARD NOTICES            CLICK TO LINK TO SITEARROW DOWN
 Accident Insurance 
Administration Evaluation Forms  
 Administration Evaluation
 Advisory of Pest Management  
 Pest Management Info
 Asbestos Notice
 Annual Asbestos Notice
Bullying/Aggressive Behavior Policy
 Bullying Policy
Civil Rights Compliance  
Non-Discrimination Policy 
 Directory Information     
 Drug Prevention
Drug Prevention Policy 
 Locker Search Policy
Search & Seizure Policy 
 Non-Discrimination in Education
Non-Dicrimination Policy 
 Parent Blood Born Pathogens Notification
Control of Bloodborne Pathogens 
 Parent Notification Regarding Sex Education and Aids Classes
 Reproductive Health and Family Planning
 Parent Signature Authorizing Early Dismissal
Policy on Early Dismissal 
Parental Policy 
Parental Policy Link 
 Pesticide Management
 Pesticide Treatment
 Respirator Policy
Respirator Policy 
School Closing Information
 School Closing Information
 Student Draft Notification
Selective Service, All 18-25 year old males are required by law in the United States to register 
 Student Privacy and Parental Access
Student Privacy Parental Access 
Teacher Evaluation Forms
Teacher Evaluation Form