1.         K-5 students will not be dropped off when it appears no one is home.

    2.         A written note must be sent with your child (of all ages) if they are to be dropped off anywhere other than the normal stop.  If a student rides home with your child, both children must have a note written by their parent or guardian. This is only allowed if both students currently ride the same bus, due to overcrowding of buses. We are not able to honor any request for several students or groups to ride a different bus.

    3.         If your child has a large amount of fund raising items to bring home, please make arrangements to pick them up.  School projects also may not be allowed on the bus due to size or nature.

    4.         Students are not to engage in pushing, shoving, spitting, horseplay, fighting, swearing, being noisy or being disrespectful to others at the stop or on the bus.

    5.         Bus times will vary the first few weeks of school and when weather changes.  Please do not be concerned if your child is up to 15 minutes late getting home.  We prefer to go slower to ensure your child’s safety.

    6.         Please have your child ready and waiting 5 minutes earlier than normal in the morning to avoid missing the bus.

    7.         Please work with your child/children to emphasize the proper and safe way of boarding and leaving the bus.  It is very important that they cross a minimum of 10 feet in front of the bus and that they wait for the driver to signal before crossing.  It is important to stand at least 15 feet back from the road at the bus stop.

    8.         No glass of any kind allowed on the bus.

    9.         No knives, lighters, matches, fireworks or laser pens are allowed.  These are considered serious infractions.

    10.       No eating or drinking on the bus.

    11.       Toys sent to school must be in a back pack or closed bag.

    12.       No perfumes or colognes are to be worn.  Other students may have an allergic asthmatic reaction to this when confined to smaller areas.

    13.       No use of radios or cell phones while on the bus.

    14.       If your child misses the bus, call the school to arrange for an authorized stop.  Do not attempt to catch the bus by flashing your lights, honking your horn, etc.  This could be dangerous.

    15.       When asked, a student must provide their name.

    16.       Major offenses include, but are not limited to: fighting, vandalism, theft, lighting matches, lighter possession, tobacco products, tampering with emergency equipment, profanity, obscene gestures, insubordination towards school personnel, violation of school policy or law, throwing objects on or from the bus.





     1.         Board in an orderly manner.  Line up single file when more than one student is at a stop.

    2.         While waiting, no horseplay, stay clear of driveways and roads, stand back at least 15 feet from the bus that is stopping.

    3.         Wait until the bus comes to a complete STOP before moving towards the bus to load.

    4.         Students must be at the stop when the bus arrives.  The driver will only wait 30 seconds, if they see no one they will continue on their way.  Continued tardiness may result in loss of bussing privileges.  Please remember all parents expect their children to be picked up within a certain time frame, this is our goal.




     1.         Students are to remain in their seat in a sitting position, sharing the seat with others.  They may leave their seat only when the bus comes to a complete stop.

    2.         Nothing should ever be extended or put outside of a window.  Nothing should be thrown out of a window or door.

    3.         Keep voices down, no shouting.

    4.         Classroom behavior is expected.

    5.         The driver has the right to assign seating.

    6.         The rear exit door is for emergency use only, you are not to exit from that door except in an emergency or drill.

    7.         Keep the bus clean.



     1.         Do not leave your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop.

    2.         Wait until the driver tells you that it is safe to leave the bus.

    3.         If you cross the road, wait until the driver tells you it is safe to cross, go directly across the road, do not stop at the mailbox or stop to visit with friends.