• Policy Check

    Click on headings for information

    • Employee Policy Information, Your right to Know
      (Drug Free Work Place, Information on Toxic Hazards, Non-Discrimination)

    •  Rights and Responsibilities FMLA
      (For questions see Central Office, FMLA is subject to change according to State Laws)

    • Fair Labor Standards ACT

    • Office of Retirement Services (Search under Public School Employees Retirement System)
      This link is used to access all your retirement information.

    • Reminder of Criminal Records
      Recent laws passed require you to self report yourself when you have been arraigned/charged with a crime. Falure to do so within 3 business days will make you guilty of an additional crime.

    • Teacher Re-Certification
      Changes with the State of Michigan have created the necessity of the following link. Please chick it out before you begin working on your next re-cretification.