Springport Public Schools

    Schools of Choice Information

    Many families in our surrounding areas have opted to send their students

    to Springport Public Schools.  We currently have almost 200 out-

    of-district students enrolled in our schools through the

    Schools of Choice Program.


    Springport Schools, as per State Law, can accept out-of-district students

    two weeks prior, and one week after the start of each semester. 

    as long as additional space is available.  Once a student is enrolled

    as a Schools Of Choice Student, it is not necessary to re-enroll each year.


    Under the current State of Michigan Schools of Choice Program,

    students may enroll in schools which share Intermediate School

    District boundaries with the district in which they reside.


    Parents may print off the attached form and fill it out.


    Mail to: 

    Springport Public Schools

    Office of the Superintendent

    300 W Main St. 

    Springport, MI  49284

    Or Fax to



    As per State of Michigan rules and guidelines,

    Schools of Choice students can only be accepted two weeks prior

    and one week following the start of a new semester or school year.


    If you are not sure of the district in which you currently reside, you may

    visit the following web site,


    Type Springport Public Schools in the search area, and you will see our boundaries.