•  Focus on Education  
    Springport Public Schools is an outstanding place for students to learn. We have excellent programs, and up to date facilities to provide our students with a quality education to prepare them to be productive, responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Our community has demonstrated exceptional support for our district. 

    Our District staff is dedicated to meet the needs of each student we serve. We are proud of the many accomplishments our students make. We enjoy working with them as they strive to reach their goals.

School Directory



    Christy Appel Carolyn Hisler
    Special Ed Aide Playground Aide
    Susan Arntz Nicole Keeler
    Parapro Special Ed Aide
    Teresa Crandall Emilia Koval
    Specail Ed Aide At Rist Aide
    Nicole Date Michelle Mead
    Parapro EL Office Aide / Driver
    Marilyn Dodds Shelly Pohl
    Special Ed Aide Parapro
    Ashley Evans Paula Reule
    Parapro GSRP Aide
    Deloris Hawkins Linda Taylor
    Playground Aide GSRP Aide
    Leslie Antone Dawn Greenhill
    HS Library Aide MS Library Aide
    Elizabeth Brasseur Natasha Nelson
    ISS Aide HS At Risk Interventionist
    Lindsey Gonzalez Jackie Riehle
    MS Aide HS At Risk Interventionist
    Kathy Gray Linda Smith
    MS Aide MS Aide




    Branden Hand
    Facilities Director 

    Dave Trudell Manuel Nieves
    Maintenance Custodian
    Mitchell Lombardi Linda Schaff
    Maintenance Custodian
    Joshua Kiselica Stacy Sebastian
    Custodian Custodian
    Kate McCall Joann Undershill
    Custodian Custodian






     School Lunch Tray


    Jeff Brenner
    Food Service Director


    Veronica Cockroft
    Donna DIttis
    Katherine Dwight
    Jeanette Dyer
    Dayna Gray
    Tina Fatheree
    Angela Taylor
    Nicole Keeler



    Pat Henne
    Transportation Supervisor


    John Westbrook  
    Janice Adams Anita Moss
    Amy Cockroft Stacy Patterson
    Mary Dege Ted Rinckey
    Dean Dermeyer David Severns
    Cathy Gainsley Christy Taber
    Shelly Mead Kelly Taber

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