The Springport High School Guidance Center wants to work closely with our students to help them succeed in high school. We can provide information, recommendations and encouragement. We can help students with:


    1. Guide to Curriculum
             a. Graduation Requirements
             b. Grading
             c. Credit/no credit
             d. Course descriptions
             e. Summer programs
    2. Student Handbook
              a. Activities
              b. Rules and regulations
    3. Four Year Plan
             a. Course selection to meet graduation requirements
             b. Tentative plans for after graduation
    4. Academic Performance
             a. Homework schedule
             b. Referral to study skills programs
             c. Progress reports
             d. MEAP exams


    1. Peer pressure
    2. Illegal substances
    3. Feelings
    4. Adapting to change


    1. Job information
    2. Career information using the computer (MOIS, Internet)
    3. Career Center
    4. Co-op, Work Experience, Professional Internship
    5. Interest testing (MOIS, ACT Plan)


    1. Entrance exams (ACT Plan, ACT, PSAT, SAT)
    2. College search using the computer
    3. Meetings with admissions representatives
    4. College applications/Financial aid sources

    Students make appointments to see the counselor. The Guidance Secretary schedules the appointment time. The student takes a pass to the teacher to be excused for the meeting.

    If a student is absent five (5) days or longer because of illness, homework assignments will be requested from the student's teachers. The homework may be picked up from the Guidance Secretary, Michelle Church