Springport High School’s Graduation Requirements Holding students to consistent, high standards prepares them for success in a global economy. This is the focus of Springport’s High School graduation requirements. Students that complete these requirements will be prepared for higher education and/or to obtain a 21st century job in a competitive workplace. The State Board of Education established the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) and the state legislature enacted the requirements as law in 2006 with revisions in 2014. As a result, Springport High School’s graduation requirements have become more rigorous. 

The Board shall annually notify each of its students and a parent or legal guardian of each of its students that all students are entitled to a personal curriculum. The annual notice shall include an explanation of what a personal curriculum is and state that if a personal curriculum is requested, the public school or public school academy will grant that request. The District shall provide this annual notice to parents and legal guardians by sending a written notice to each student’s home or by including the notice in a newsletter, student handbook, or similar communication that is sent to a student’s home, and also shall post the notice on the District website. 

Springport High School Courses and Options

English Language Arts CREDITS: 4 

English 9 or Honors English 9 English 11 English 10 or Honors English 10 English 12 or AP English

Math CREDITS: 4 

Algebra I (may take in 8 th grade) Geometry or Honors Geometry Algebra II or Honors Algebra II Math 4 th year Credit (AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Ag Finance/Leadership, Personal Finance/Math Concepts, Accounting)

Science CREDITS: 3 

Option 1: 

1 Credit Biology
1 Credit Chemistry, Conceptual Physics, or Anatomy & Physiology
1 Additional Science Credit (Earth Science, Physical Forensics, Physical Astronomy or other science option^) 

Option 2: State Approved Ag CTE Program

1 Credit Bio-Botany*
1 Credit Bio-Zoology*
1 Additional Science Credit (Genetics & Ag Research, Chemistry, Conceptual Physics, Earth Science, Physical Forensics, Physical Astronomy, or Anatomy & Physiology, or other science option^ )
* Students who complete Bio-Botany & Bio-Zoology with a 2.0 GPA are considered an Ag CTE Completer. 

Social Studies 2 CREDITS: 3 

1/2 Credit Economics and 1/2 Credit Government 
1 Credit US History or AP US History^ 
1 Credit World History or AP World History^

PE/Health 2 CREDITS: 1
1/2 Credit Health Living 

Option 1: 1/2 Credit Physical Education
Option 2: 1/2 Credit approved extracurricular or related physical activity

Visual, Performing or Applied Arts 2 CREDITS: 1

Visual, Performing or Applied Arts 

Language other than English (World Language) CREDITS: 2 

Course content grade appropriate K-12

Option 1: 1 Credit by completing state approved CTE program
Option 2: 1 Credit VPAA **only 2016-2020 graduates 

Online Learning 

Course learning or integrated learning experience (embedded within grades 6-12) 

Other Requirements

Senior Portfolio Presentation
Participation in the Michigan Merit Exam (State Assessment) 

26 Total Credits (18 MMC credits + 8 elective credits (4 of which are SST) required for graduation.

^^24 Total Credits (with 2 Years of Career Center) 

^^^25 Total Credits (with 1 Year of Career Center) 

^Other coursework taken from Jackson Area Career Center CTE programs, Dual Enrollment, or shared Jackson County Course Catalogue options.

^^Personal Curriculum may be requested to adjust Social Studies, PE/Health, and Visual Performing and Applied Arts requirements if CTE completer. Additional modifications may be possible for students with IEP. 

^^^24 credits required for graduation for 2 year Career Center Students. 25 credits for a student completing 1 full year of Career Center.

Calculation of top 10 will be based on MHSAA scholar athlete calculation and include a combination of GPA and SAT score. This will be phased in with the class of 2021. Requires 4 semesters AP or DE. AP courses will be graded on a 4.0 scale. 

Jackson County Early College is an opportunity for students who meet the dual enrollment criteria to earn college credits at the same time they are earning high school credits and commit to a 13th year of school ending with an associates degree or transferable credits. The student's’ GPA is calculated for class rank through 12th grade but does not include the 13th year. Students continuing for a 13th year will be allowed to walk in commencement so long as all other requirements have been fulfilled. 

Certificate of Completion Requirements 

***Students have the opportunity to graduate with a “Certificate of Completion” if they do not fulfill the MMC requirements. 

English 3 credits (6 semesters)
Science 2 credits (4 semesters)
Math 3 credits (6 semesters)
Physical Education 1 credit (2 semesters) 
*Class of 2008 and later must complete 1 credit (2 semesters) of Healthy Living.
Social Studies 2 credits (4 semesters)
Electives 6 credits (12 semesters)

Students on the Certificate path to graduation are working on functional academics versus the Michigan Merit requirements. They often get opportunities to improve functional independent living skills such as Goodwill job training, Co-Op, JACC involvement and other skills-based activities through community resource agencies. The specific courses listed may not be appropriate for some of the students working toward a certificate. Resource level courses sufficiently meet individual student’s needs, using the core academic documented curriculum(s) as a guide. Resource courses currently available in English, Math, Pre-Algebra, Social Science and Study Skills. Other general education courses are special education supported to assist students progress in the general MME curriculum.

● All required courses/credits must be aligned with Course/Credit Content Expectations and Guidelines developed by Michigan Department of Education, may be acquired through Career and Technical Education programs, and integrated courses. 

● In addition to the local requirements, students must meet the requirements as set forth by the Michigan Department of Education to secure a state approved or state endorsed diploma. Students must meet the requirements of the High Stakes Proficiency Tests given annually to meet this requirement. 

● A student must take all required classes for graduation within the curriculum of the Springport High School. Correspondence credit, summer school credit, or community education credit will not be accepted without prior approval of the principal or guidance counselor. ANY REQUIRED CLASS FAILED MUST BE MADE UP IN A BONA FIDE CLASSROOM PROGRAM. Community education and summer school are examples of bona fide classroom programs. Correspondence work does not fulfill this requirement. 

● A maximum of one elective credit will be accepted toward the graduation requirement through successful completion of correspondence work. 

● The physical education requirement may be waived if there is an annual submission of a doctor’s request for such. One year of band, one year of choir, or successful completion of one sport will be allowed as a substitute for one semester of physical education. Students may have an annual submission of a doctor's request, one year of band or successful completion of one sport substituted for one semester of physical education.

● To be eligible to receive a Springport High School diploma and to participate in commencement exercises, a student must be enrolled at Springport High School for at least one semester. Additionally, the student must be enrolled on the 1 st day of the second semester of the year of graduation. 

● To be eligible for special honors, a student must have attended Springport High School for at least one (1) full semester and have been in attendance during his/her seventh (7 th) semester at Springport High School. 

● Commencement Walking order to be: Valedictorian/Salutatorian, top 10, students choice after top 10.