Springport Public Schools
Parent Involvement Plan

Statement of Purpose:

Springport Public Schools realized the critical role that parent involvement plays in helping students achieve their greatest potential. Parent and community input is invited and encouraged so that the partnership between home and school is strengthened. The partnership between families and Springport Public Schools will help all Springport children to be successful.

Through the parent involvement plan, Springport parents, teachers, students and administrators collaborate to develop and promote strategies that enhance parental involvement and reflect the needs of students, parents and families. It is acknowledged that when parents are involved:

  • Students have higher grades, test scores and graduation rates.
  • Students have better attendance.
  • Students have increased motivation and better self-esteem.
  • Students have decreased use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Students have fewer instances of violent behavior.
  • Students have lower rates of suspension.

Parent involvement means everything from helping your child with homework on a daily basis, talking regularly with them about their work at school, to volunteering in your child’s school. It is encouraged from preschool through grade 12. The term “parent” represents any individual in a guardianship role for a student.

  1. Gaining Springport Parents Input In The Development of the Plan

The following actions will take place to ensure parental and community involvement in the development and revision of this plan:

  • Distribute the Parent Involvement Plan to parents and students in each building’s Student-Parent Handbook, which is distributed annually at the beginning of the school year. Input regarding revisions is encouraged.
  • Communicate information about involvement opportunities in a district mailing, on the district website, and in building newsletters.
  • Gather parent input in a variety of ways and meet annually to review the success of the Plan.
  1. Involving Parents in the Development of Title I Planning Process

The following actions will take place to involve parents in the development of the Title I planning process.

  • Distribute surveys to parents to gain parent feedback on the Title I program. (i.e. Do parents see positive results evident in their child’s learning? How can we better serve children and families?)
  • Conduct open forums at the beginning of the year inviting parent of all eligible Title I students in our elementary school.
  • Ask parents so serve on the Title I Committee.
  • Conduct an open meeting at the end of the school year for the purpose of program evaluation and revision.
  • Involving Parents in School Activities

Springport parents can be involved in school activities by:

  • Helping their child with homework and using resources such as Home Links at the elementary level.
  • Contributing specialized skills to the school through opportunities such as the Career Fair, providing lessons coordinated with the classroom teacher, read with students, etc.
  • Volunteerism (i.e. field trips, classroom parents and helpers, book fair, Parent/Teacher organizations, Booster groups, Homecoming activities, athletic programs, etc.)
  • Two-way communications through parent/teacher conferences, participating on Title I committees, attending parent meetings, providing input at open community meetings and Board of Education meetings, etc.
  1. Building Capacity for Parent Involvement in the Academic Achievement of Their Child

Springport Public Schools shall set the groundwork and procedures to facilitate parental involvement in the present and future. To lay this groundwork, the district shall require each building to:

  • Help inform parents regarding the State’s Academic Content Standards, State Assessment Standards, various assessments required by the state, requirements of Title I, provide support in monitoring their child’s academic progress and working collaboratively with their child’s teachers.
  • Provide parents with materials and training to help them work with their child to improve their child’s academic achievement.
  • Administrators and instructional staff will work collaboratively with parents to promote successful levels of achievement.
  • Coordinate parental involvement activities with other community resources and programs.
  • Communicate information about school and parent programs in an understandable format.
  • Share with parents Curriculum links to help support their child at home.
  • Provide suggestions of books that parents can read to address a variety of strategies to work with their child.
  • Include opportunities and surveys for parents to provide input on how the school can provide additional support.
  1. Parental Opportunities and Other Programs

Springport Public Schools will coordinate and integrate opportunities for parental involvement with programs such as:

  • T.A.
  • Great Parent, Great Start
  • The Early Childhood programs, such as Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) and Headstart
  • Classroom tutoring/support
  • Career Fair
  1. Annual Evaluation of Parental Involvement

Springport Public Schools shall conduct an annual evaluation of parental involvement at the end of each school year. The evaluation shall specifically look at barriers to parental involvement, level of parental involvement, and strategies to increase involvement of parents from all population segments. The evaluation shall comprise parent surveys and parent forum discussions. The district shall use information gathered from the evaluations to, for example:

  • Evaluate, revise and update the actions and strategies to achieve a greater level of parental involvement in our schools.