Springport Bus Safety Rules
  1. Please enter and exit the bus in a safe single file manner. Patiently wait your turn.
    COVID-19 Precautions: Use hand sanitizer; wear a face covering; family members sit together as much as possible.
  2. Please clean up after yourself. Place trash in the trashcan located at the front of the bus.
  3. Please don’t eat or drink or use perfumes or colognes while on the bus (some students and drivers have life threatening food allergies and some are allergic to fragrances). You may be saving the life of students and drivers.
  4. Please remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion. Wait until the bus completely stops before exiting your seat. If an emergency occurs follow the driver’s directions.
  5. Please keep your voice at a conversational level while riding. A conversational level means only the people nearest you hear what you are saying. Shouting or other loud noises may distract the driver, which is unsafe and unwise.
  6. Please observe all of the same positive behavior expectations as you would in the classroom or other areas of the school district. Positive behavior expectations include keeping your hands, feet and other body parts to yourself; being courteous and using kind words; cooperating with the driver and other adults; helping younger students; taking care of the seats and windows. Drivers may assign seats as necessary.
  7. Please use headphones/earbuds when using personal communication devices. Distracting the driver is unsafe and disrupting other passengers is unwise and may result in the driver confiscating the device and disciplinary action. All confiscated devices will be turned over to the student’s parent or guardian and the student may lose the privilege of using any device on any district bus. Use of devices to capture, record or transmit audio/picture/video while on district busses is an invasion of privacy, may be illegal, and a violation of school rules that may result in a loss of the privilege of using any device on any district bus, loss of bussing privileges, and the involvement of law enforcement.
Reminders to parents of students who ride buses
  1. Please have your child(ren) at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Students arriving late to the bus stop affect travel times between stops, as does the weather. Chronic lateness could result in a loss of busing privileges. For weather related information about school delays or closing please tune into TV channels 6 and 10, and radio stations 99.1FM, 100.5 FM, and K105.3 FM.
  2. Due to COVID-19 students will be unable to ride buses other than their own. Students will be picked-up and dropped-off only at their home residence or their normal stop.
  3. Please make arrangements to pick up any large projects or fundraising items from the school. Due to their size or nature there may not be space for them on the bus.
  4. Please remind your student that positive behavior is expected while waiting for or riding any school bus. Negative behaviors such as shoving, obscene gestures, fighting, swearing, name calling, hitting, being disrespectful, destroying school property, throwing or dangling items outside the bus, and possessing items such as weapons, fireworks, matches or lighters, lasers, or glass bottles may be considered a major behavior offense and result in the student’s transportation privileges being suspended or revoked. Toys of any kind need to remain out of site and secured safely in backpacks.
  5. Please help your child with safely boarding and exiting the bus. Remind your child to wait for the driver’s signal before crossing at least 10 feet in front of the bus. Remind them to wait about 15 feet back from the road at the bus stop. Students in grades K-5 must have a parent or guardian visible to the driver, unless they are accompanied by an older sibling when being dropped off.
  6. Please phone the school if your child misses the bus. The school office should be able to tell you the location of the next available stop you may take your child to, or you will have to transport your child to school. Drivers will not stop for vehicles chasing them and will not pick up or drop off at non-designated locations.