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2018-2019 MS & HS Staff Survey Summary

2018-2019 Staff Survey Summary

Most of our responses remained very consistent from last school year to this school year. Below is a summary of those questions with some significant changes from year to year.


71% of Middle and High school teachers combined feel that their PLT time is effective compared to only 53% last year.


57% of combined staff feel our school provides high quality student support services compared to 58% last year.


Teachers self reported implementing the following School Improvement Strategies:

  • Curriculum Revision & Assessment - 93%
  • Effective Instructional Strategies (student engagement strategies/connection to objective) - 93%
  • Data analysis that impacted instruction - 86% this year compared to 91% last year
  • Increased parent communication - 100% this year compared to 86% last year
  • Improve climate/culture through character ed activities - 93% this year compared to 77% last year
  • Increase in the use and instruction of reading informational text - 93% this year compared to 82% last year