It is the desire of Springport Schools to provide a safe and respectful environment for all students. A safe environment is crucial to students' ability to focus and achieve academically. Therefore, Springport Schools has adopted a district-wide bullying prevention policy and a set of Aggressive Behavior Guidelines that lay out how aggressive behavior is to be addressed.

Please read over the Aggressive Behavior Guidelines by clicking the below Aggressive Behavior links. It is important that parents, staff, and students become familiar with how we intend to prevent aggressive behavior. It's also important that everyone take action to prevent aggressive behavior in our school. Take note of what staff, students, and parents are requested to do.

Also the Aggressive Behavior Rubric links lays out the interventions that will occur, and the consequences that aggressive behaviors earn for students. Each building has a slightly different rubric with slightly different consequences based on the different ages of students.

Everyone wants our schools to be a safe place for students to learn. No student should have to be the target of mean and aggressive behavior. With all of us working together, our hope it that we will prevent aggressive behavior and make our schools places where everyone is treated with respect.


Chris Kregel
Secondary Administrator