Frequently Asked Questions

Whare are the start and release times for school?


Full Day: Start 7:45 AM Release 2:40 PM

1/2 Day: Start 7:45 AM Release 10:40 AM

Early Release: Start 7:45 Release 12:40 PM


Full Day: Start 7:45 AM Release 2:30 PM

1/2 Day: Start 7:50 AM Release 10:45 AM

Early Release: Start 7:45 Release 12:40 PM


Full Day: Start 7:45 AM Release 2:30 PM

1/2 Day: Start 7:45 AM Release 10:40 AM

Early Release: Start 7:45 Release 12:30 PM

What documentation do I need to enroll a new student?

You will need a county birth certificate, copy of immunization records, and  2 proofs of residency (any documentation showing your name and current address). A health appraisal will also be required of all incoming kindergarten students.  These documents are required prior to the placement of the student in a class. https://registration.springportschools.net/site.php

How do I reserve a room or Gym for after school use?

Please fill out a Building Use Form - print out the form and turn it in to the High School Secretary. Students/Children should be supervised at all times, and the room must be left in the condition in which you found it. Gym times are assigned only after the team schedule is determined. School activities override non affiliated school associations.

Is there Day Care available?

There is a day care program available from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m in the Elementary Building. The telephone number is 517-867-7875.

What do I do if I have a concern regarding a teacher?

Please begin by speaking directly to the teacher. If the issue is not resolved, contact the building principal at 517-857-3475.

What should I do to enroll my child for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten Round Up is held in March. Your child must be 5 years of age on or before September1st. Enrollment forms may be picked up in the Elementary office and may be completed on-line https://registration.springportschools.net/site.php.  We will  be happy to make copies of the required documents for you.  Please call the elementary office at 517-857-3465 with questions. 

Where can I find information about the school calendar?

You can find the current year school calendar on our District Home Page.

How do I check my student's grades?

At the beginning of each school year parents receive a letter with instructions on how to create an account to PowerSchool, our on-line student information system. This provides access to your student's current grades and attendance through the internet. If you would like a copy of that letter, or help setting up your account, please contact the office at 517-857-3465. Click HERE for a tutorial video on PowerSchool.

PowerSchool has and App

Android Phones:

Download the PowerSchool for Parents app in Play Store

Springport School Code: BLPS

if you need your username or password, please request from the school by calling 517-857-3475.


Download the PowerSchool for Parents App in App Store

School Code: BLPS

if you need your username or password, please request from the school by calling 517-857-3475.

Where can I get a copy of the Student Handbook?

Student Handbooks can be found on our website: Springport Public Schools. Each school has a link to get to the handbook. You can also pick up a hard copy in the school offices.

How do I contact my child's teacher?

There is a Directory on our Webpage: Springport Public Schools that will give you all staff's names and links to emails. You may also call the school office and ask to be directed to the specific staff member or staff members voice mail. Email to our school staff is: first name.last name@springportschools.net.

What does an Athletic Pass Cost?

Athletic passes are $200 for a Family ($100 if work 6 events), Adult $75, Student $50.

Where might I find an Athletic Schedule?

Athletic Schedules are posted on our website (Springport Public Schools / Athletics) and our Facebook page as they become available per season. Hard copies can also be picked up in the school offices.

Are sports physicals good for a year?

Physicals for the current school year must be dated after April 15 of the preceding school year. All other physical cards are discarded at the end of the spring season.

Who do I talk to about my child's team experience?

Always speak to your child's coach first, abiding by the 24 hour rule, NEVER right after a game.

How do I find out how much my child owes for lunch?

By clicking on the food service link: Meal Magic Lunch Account you will set up a log in and password and you can check it as often as you wish. You can also see what they are eating for lunch.

Why don't you call parents to let them know their children are over balance?

Meal Magic was set up to allow parents to track their children's food choices and balances. In this way, we don't need to interrupt your day with a phone call. On the same note, we set up PaySchools for the parent's convenience. By clicking the following site, you can pay from the comfort of your home with a credit card.

PaySchools Link

Meal Magic

My child has/had a fever?

Your child should be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to  school.

If your child has a fever today, they should not be at school tomorrow. If you have to give Tylenol or Motrin for a fever today, they should stay home from school tomorrow.

If you have to give them Tylenol or Motrin in the morning before school “to get them through the day'' they should not go to school.

If your child has vomiting and/or diarrhea today, they should not be at school tomorrow.

Flu season is rampant. Please do not send your sick, still recovering from illness, feverish child to school to infect the healthy students and staff.

Why can't drives be accessed from home?

Home computers can pose a serious safety risk to the district network as far as viruses are concerned, therefore, we do not allow this.

Where can I get help logging into PowerSchool?

PowerSchool passwords are sent out each fall. If you need help gaining access, call the building secretary. For a PowerSchool video tutorial please click HERE.

Does the school have filtered internet access?

Yes, by law the school uses a filter for the internet. Springport uses the M86 content filter through the Jackson County ISD.

Why does the bus sometimes run late when picking up my child?

There are a couple of reasons. First, weather conditions, drivers will drive at the speed which is safe for weather conditions. Second, a sub driver may be driving. Your regular driver knows the route very well, but substitute drivers have to learn 11 different routes. Knowing each individual stop is much more difficult for the sub, therefore they drive slower to insure they pick up all the students.

Do you allow students to ride home with other students?

Because buses run within legal capacity limits, we do not allow students to ride home with friends to insure we don't go over capacity. The only exception to this is if the student is already riding the bus and wishes to get off at a different location on the same route. We must have permission in writing from the parent of the student getting off at a different location as well as one from the parent where the student is being dropped.

Why does the school limit the number of stops I can have for my child?

The district must run all buses within legal capacity, therefore we must account for each child on each bus. When we allow children to ride more than two buses it becomes very difficult to monitor the capacity of each bus.

Why can't my child be dropped off the first time the bus passes my house in the afternoon?

When possible we will do this automatically, however we must follow state law regarding safe stops. State law dictates items such as clear visibility distances, distances between stops, and distances from hills and curves.